Windows AppData Cleaner

Using File Explorer

Type in “%AppData%” in the Run dialog box or the Search Box of your Start Screen, and then click OK. It should open “Roaming” folder. Go back to the “AppData” folder, and then navigate to “Local\Temp” sub folders.

Using Windows Cleaner 

You can clean appdata junk files using the ST Cleaner software for Windows 10, Windows 8/7 and previous versions. It will not only delete Windows, web and software junk but it will also boost system speed. It is protected by the Verisign digital certificate. Download it here:

Appdata junk

Delete Windows.OLD Folder

When you upgrade your PC from an earlier version to Windows 10, it stores your previous installation files and program files into a new folder called Windows.OLD located at the root of the system drive. Most of these files won’t be useful. First review the folder contents and then delete the files, sub folders.

  • C:\Windows.OLD\

Clean Up Windows Temporary Files

Delete all contents from the following folder as well:

  • C:\Windows\Temp\

Remove Downloaded Program Files

These are the Internet downloaded files. If you’re not using them, delete them:

  • C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\

Delete Old Backups

Use the “*.bak” in Search Box of your File Explorer to list out all backup files. After you’re done, delete all old backups from various drives and directories.

Delete TMP Files

TMP stands for temporary files. Unlike contents of the “Temp” folder, these files may be present in different drives and folders. Just use the Search feature to list out and delete them.

Delete Internet Data

Type in “inetcpl.cpl” in Search/ Run box to open Internet Properties dialog box, a Control Panel item. In that particular dialog, click Delete button in General tab and then choose to delete everything – temporary Internet files and website files, cookies and website data, history, download history, form data, passwords, tracking protection, ActiveX filtering and do not track.