100% Disk Usage Error Windows 10

Clean Disk using Disk Clean-Up

Use Disk Clean-Up program. Why? It deletes all your temporary files, files extracted by setup program, system cache, and so on. Use the Drive Properties dialog from File Explorer, and then clean-up the items.

Delete Old Backups (.bak files)

Old backup files are always messy. And we’re all unaware of how to get rid of this mess. But we have a solution for you. Go to File Explorer and search for old backup files using “*.bak” in the Search box on top right corner (.bak file extension represents backup files). Delete all backup files. Or you can open the original location of every single file you find and delete them all.

Delete TMP Files

TMP stands for temporary files. Remember: These files are everywhere in your drives, specifically in your system drive. Type “*.tmp” keyword in the Search box. It lists out all your temporary files. Now delete them.

Delete Junk Files

Junk files are huge. They eat several GBs of your HDD. And you’re left with no space in your hard drive. Don’t know how to delete them? Use the ST Cleaner. It helps you to scan all junks in your system.

Uninstall Apps

Uninstalling apps have never been easy? But we’ve a solution for you. Remove the programs you use infrequently. How? You can find them in the System category of the Settings page. Got them? Click Apps & Features. It takes a few seconds to load the list of all apps. Now remove those you do not use.