Error 1935 Windows 10

When you install a product, it sometimes shows this error. Yes, Error 1935 is a complete mess. Don’t know what to do with this? Read on.

First of all: Disable Firewall Protection

Disable your firewall protection. Why? Windows Firewall can prevent you downloading and installing applications. This “prevention” breeds error 1935 on Windows 10. How? Type “firewall” in your Search box of your Start Screen. Now click “Check firewall status”. It redirects you a page where you’ll see “Turn Windows Firewall on or off.” Turn it off.

Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Do you know that this error corrupts and damages Microsoft .NET Framework? Yes, it is. But sometimes you’ve not installed it properly. Reinstalling will fix the issue. Get an updated setup installer from Microsoft Download Center.

Update Drivers

Keep all your peripheral devices up-to-date. How? Use your Update Driver Software. Here you’ll get the list of all devices. Click Show hidden devices option from the View menu. It shows all your files. Now start your update wizard by choosing relevant option from right-click menu options.

Change Registry Size Limit

With RegEdit command in the Run dialog box, open up this subkey and set “RegistrySizeLimit” to “ffffffff” (8 Fs without quotes). You’ve to restart your system for the changes to take effects.

Rename Software Distribution Folder

Rename the source folder name with your desired name. How? Follow these steps:

  • Target Directory: C:\Windows\
  • Source Folder (Old): SoftwareDistribution
  • Desired File Name (New): SoftwareDistribution_OLD

Facing problems? If yes, boot your system in the Safe Mode. Try again. Done? Now execute this command (using an elevated Command Prompt):

  • fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\

Terminate Webroot SpySweeper

Using the services.msc command, stop the Webroot SpySweeper service. Make sure the startup type is set to disabled so that it won’t run automatically. Beware: If you’ve installed Webroot security solution, this service causes conflicts.

Here you go! Now Clean Up Setup Extracted Files

Delete all files from the directories containing files extracted by installers. Typically, your setup extracts CAB file contents to these directories:

  • C:\Windows\Temp
  • C:\Users\[XXX]\AppData\Local\Temp

Note: The actual directory may differ depending in case of predefined location or a folder you selected.