AVRT.dll is Missing, Corrupted or Not Available in Windows Operating System

AVRT.dll is a native library file for Windows operating system which is available since Windows 2000. The purpose of this file is to execute the Multimedia Real-time Runtime service for Windows shell common library file and the Hardware abstract layer library file. It usually resides in the C:\Windows\System32. Absence of this file can cause various errors in system.


AVRT.dll is tied with Windows multimedia services. So the user might not be able to play movies, audio, videos in Windows media player, if the AVRT.dll is not functioning as expected. Skype application might not function as expected, especially when the Cam is switched on. Windows audio service might also not render the sound through the speaker or the headphones.

Here is how you can repair errors caused by Avrt.dll:

Solution 1

The best solution is to repair the Windows so Windows can replace the corrupted, missing file with a brand new AVRT.dll library file. Windows 10 system files can be repaired as following. This method should work for Windows 7/8/8.1 as well.

  1. Start -> cmd -> right click and select “Run as Administrator” -> type
  2. sfc /scannow
  3. Press Enter.

This procedure not only repairs the errors related to AVRT.dll file but it also fixes other system errors. After the system is repaired, restart the system.

Solution 2

Clean the Windows registry. The corrupted and garbage registry files sometimes can interfere with the functioning registry data. How to clean the registry files in the Windows:

  1. Download RegInOut System Utilities from http://www.reginout.com/download/ibx
  2. Install the downloaded setup by double clicking on its executable file.
  3. Run RegInOut scan
  4. After scan is completed, let it repair system errors.

Solution 3

This problem can also be fixed by re-registering the AVRT.dll file with the Windows operating system.

  1. Click on the Windows start button to open the Windows start menu
  2. Type the “CMD” in the Searchbox in the Windows start menu
  3. Right click on the shown application (Command Prompt) and Click the “Run as administrator”
  4. Type the following command to un-register the AVRT.dll with Windows to make sure all corrupted registry files associated with the AVRT.dll is properly removed:
    • regsvr32 /u avrt.dll
  5. Type the following command to re-registry the AVRT.dll with Windows to make sure, AVRT.dll is properly registered with Windows with brand new registry files.
    • regsvr32 /i avrt.dll