How to Transfer Photos from Dropbox to Google Photos

Dropbox is known for its decent automatic upload feature for both smart phones and PCs. In this article we’ll demonstrate the easiest way to pull images from your Dropbox account to Google Photos effortlessly.

Step # 1: Install Dropbox App

The app is required to synchronize a folder stored on local hard disk to your Dropbox account. If you already have this app, you’re one step ahead. If not, download it from Dropbox official website, and then install it on your laptop.



Step # 2: Sign in to your Dropbox A/c

Run the app that you just downloaded. You’ll be prompted to enter your log-in credentials.

Step # 3: Customize Sync Settings

By synchronizing everything, it’ll not only waste your time but also consume network bandwidth and cause space shortage. Avoid this mess; simply click “Selective Sync”.

Make sure you deselect the checkboxes of all non-photo items such as documents, music, videos, and archives.

Step # 4: Wait till Photos Download is in Progress

Start the synchronization process. Now your image files will be automatically downloaded in background to your local hard disk. Wait till the process finishes.

Step # 5: Download Clone Files Checker
It’s time to delete identical photos from your library to save storage space and lessen the time. Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker.


Step # 6: Remove Duplicate Photos to Save Storage

After installing Clone Files Checker, add the folders containing downloaded photos. Select Custom > Images, and then start the process. Now you should see two options on your screen — Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.

Quick-Fix automatically takes user specified action; whereas Review & Fix lists out all duplicate photos so that user can preview their photos before specifying any action.

You can accordingly delete dupes, move them to Recycle Bin, or to a new folder. Remember, photo backups feature saves you from accidental deletion. Use the “History” tab to restore your backups.

Step # 7: Download Google Photos Backup

Visit the Google Photos App Download Page to auto-upload your photos from Windows, storage cards or digital cameras.

Step # 8: Sign in to Google Photos

The first thing you’ll be prompted to sign into your Google Photos account.

Step # 9: Set Up & Begin Sync

By choosing the top level folder Google Photos will sync everything including sub folders. If you’re bit specific about upload, choose a sub folder containing images. Select your upload type — high quality (free) or original (paid storage), go ahead and click “OK” button to start the process.


Give it few minutes or hours depending on the size of content. Larger the photo library, more time it will take.

Step # 10: Uninstall Dropbox

That’s it. Now you should see your Google Photos account populated with the Dropbox images. It’s safe to uninstall the Dropbox app from Settings > System > Apps & Features.