How to Fix Common Problems, Crashes in Fallout 4 in Windows 10

Games designed by Bethesda Softworks are quite notorious for zero day bugs as they are based on an engine which isn’t really optimized for modern day’s hardware. This article discusses the common problems related to Fallout 4 and how to fix them. You can try the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut to fix Fallout 4 crashes and lags. RegInOut has the GAME BOOST extreme gaming performance feature which will of great help to every gamer. Download RegInOut here:


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Problems and Solutions

Before we talk about the problems and their solutions, it’s important to understand that having at least the minimum system requirements is a must for Fallout 4. It might just be able to run even below the minimum system requirements level, but it’s advisable to meet the minimum requirements in order to make sure there won’t be any issues during gameplay.

Checking the Runtime Environments and Updates

Like any other software, Fallout 4 requires certain runtime softwares to be installed in order to launch the game. Go through the following listed runtime environments and make sure all of them are installed in the system.

Graphic Card Driver

  • INTEL :
  • AMD :
  • NVIDIA :

DirectX Runtime Environment

Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013

.NET Framework 4.6

Sound Driver and Chipset Driver

Find the Sound/Chipset Driver from Speccy, search it on Google, download and install

Update the game to the latest version via Steam

Update Windows through Windows Updates (It usually happens automatically)

Troubleshooting Game Crashes

Xlive.Dll/ Xinput1_3.Dll is Missing or Misplaced

Download and Install DirectX runtime environment as mentioned in the 2nd step of the previous section.

The Game Crashes and Complains About Low System Memory

If the system memory is less than 6GB, then consider upgrading to 6GB as bare minimum. Even though 8GB is highly recommended

If the system has enough system memory and yet the error persists, increase the virtual memory by following these steps:

1. Open the start menu


2. Type Run and open it when it shows up in the search result


3. Type the following address and press ENTER%windir%\system32\SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe


4. Switch to the “Advanced” tab


5. Click on the “Change…” button in the “Virtual Memory” group


6. Try either of the following methods

7. Either set the virtual memory to auto manage


8. Set the virtual memory manually (Make it the amount of the system memory)

Disk Write Error

1. Click on the start button


2. Search by typing CMD and open it in Admin mode


3. Type the following command and then press ENTER

  • chkdsk /f C:

4. This will scan the whole C drive for errors and if any errors are found, it will fix them.

The Game Doesn’t Launch

1. Verify the game cache files are in Steam

2. Open the Steam

3. Find the Game

4. Right Click on it and open Properties

5. Find this Button


6. Click on it and proceed to Restore the missing/corrupted filed

7. Reinstall the game

8. Restart the computer

9. Open the game in admin mode

10. Lower the settings and re-launch it

11. Click on Reset | Low

12. Click OK


Fix the Mouse Acceleration Issue

1. Go to C:\Users\USER_NAME\documents\My Games\Fallout4

2. Open Fallout 4 Configuration File and Fallout4prefs

3. Change “iPresentInterval=1” to “iPresentInterval=0”

4. And in the Fallout4prefs

5. Change “bForceIgnoreSmoothness=0” to “bForceIgnoreSmoothness=1”

The Game Froze While Loading

This happens when either the currently saved file is corrupted or when the anti-virus guard blocks the game from running properly.

1. Add the game’s executable file as well as the root folder into the exception list of the anti-virus guard

2. You will have to Save another file as repairing saved files isn’t possible currently

X3d_Audio_7 Module Crashes

1. Install the DirectX runtime environment as mentioned earlier

2. Download and Install the sound driver, this is already covered in the 6th step of the “Checking the Runtime Environments and Updates” section

No Save Folder in the Library of Fallout 4

1. Go to C:\Users\USER_NAME\documents\My Games

2. Create a backup of the Fallout 4 Folder on any other drive

3. Delete the Fallout 4 Folder

4. Run the game again. If the previously saved files are required, use the files from the backup you just created.