Crush the Google Drive Error 5

Google Drive has really made life easier for ordinary as well as professionals since it’s rollout. It facilitates people to safe all their data online on the cloud as and share as well as collaborate on documents with multiple users at a time. Every single aspect of Google Drive has been meticulously planned with it’s availability now ensured across computers as well as smartphones. In a nutshell Google has delivered, as ever.

However, even the most precisely done job also suffers once in awhile. Google Drive’s desktop client also sometimes stumbles across the following error:

Error loading Python DLL: C:\Users\AppData \Local\Temp\_MEI82962\python.dll (Error code 5)

Fix error

Step 1

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Re-Launch with Administrative Privileges

Run Google Drive desktop shortcut with administrative privileges. This does the trick for many people and hopefully it will bail you out as well. If the problem is solved, simply configure it to run with administrative privileges each time you open it. To do so, right-click the Google Drive desktop shortcut and go to Properties > Compatibility tab. Check the box named “Run this program as an administrator”, and click OK.

Verify Folder Security Permissions

Google Drive might have failed to access the python.dll file stored in temporary application data directory. Configure the Temp folder security permissions, and grant read and write access permissions to solve this issue.

  1. Double click This PC icon on Desktop
  2. Click View tab, and check the Hidden items box
  3. Now navigate to the the following location:
  • C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\
  1. Right click the Temp sub-folder and choose Properties
  2. Click the Security tab and then click Edit
  3. Check all the boxes under the Allow column
  4. Click OK | OK

Download Missing File

Python26.dll file may have gone missing or corrupted due to an error or a virus attack. Download the file from any reliable source, extract the zipped contents and finally copy various instances of the same DLL to the following Program Files and Windows directories:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Drive
  • C:\Windows\System32
  • C:\Windows\System

Provide Adequate Registry Permissions

Make sure that your computer’s Registry Values are properly configure in order to provide adequate security permissions to the SharedAccess sub-key.

  1. Press Windows Key + R; type RegEdit and click OK
  2. Locate the following key:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SYSTEM | CurrentControlSet | services
  1. Right click a sub-key named SharedAccess and then choose Permissions
  2. Click Add and then enter the following value in the Object Name text box:  NT SERVICE\mpssvc
  3. Click Check Names
  4. Now you can see the name changed to MpsSvc
  5. Apply your settings by clicking OK
  6. Provide full control by clicking the relevant checkbox in the Allow column
  7. Finally click OK

Re-run in Compatibility Mode

Google Drive might be experiencing difficulties due to certain compatibility problems. Re-run it with an earlier Windows environment as outlined below:

  1. Go to the following location:
  • C:\Program Files\Google\Drive
  1. Right click GoogleDriveSync.exe file, choose Properties
  2. Click Compatibility tab
  3. Check the box labelled Run this program in compatibility mode for, and then choose an earlier version you prefer to run Google Drive with
  4. Click Apply | OK

Re-register DLL Entries

Fix any problems related to the python.dll file that might be causing this problem. Open elevated Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key + X; and then by choosing Command Prompt (Admin). Next, unregister the DLL file by executing this command:

  • Regsvr32 /u python.dll

Now, re-register the same file with this command:

  • Regsvr32 python.dll