How to Fix Unresponsive Task View and Search Bar Windows 10

Windows 10 was made officially available for the general public back in 2015. It has been able to garner excellent reviews from the critics and users alike since day 1. Having said that, Windows 10 does have some caveats as well.

Many users have reported that Windows 10 often starts to behave erratically for no apparent reason at all. The biggest issue faced by users is the Task View and the Search Bar suddenly going into a completely unresponsive state. Often, a few icons simply disappear from Task View! Sadly, Microsoft hasn’t issued any statement regarding this issue as of now.

As we always do, we’re bringing some fixes for you. Our research has led us to conclude that this issue occurs mostly on desktop PCs. There are 2 main ways that can help you fix this issue. Both of them require a fresh installation of Windows 10, however. Let’s get right into the solutions.

Disabling Auto Updates

The first way is not something Microsoft would advise you. Rather any average user also won’t be in favour of this idea. This is due to the fact that with every new update, Microsoft adds in a new security measure. However if you use your PC for playing games or any other use that doesn’t requires a lot of internet usage, this can be used as a viable option. You can disable the auto updates in Windows 10 by following the steps given below.

Note: This method only works for people who have the Professional, Education or Enterprise editions of Windows 10. To perform this, you must have a freshly installed Windows with everything untouched.

  1. Press Windows + R key to bring up the run window.
  2. Type in gpedit.msc.
  3. Locate Computer Configuration on the right-hand panel of the new window that opens. Double-click it.
  4. Now open Administrative Templates.
  5. Again, double-click on Windows Components. Scroll down and locate Windows Update. Open it.
  6. Now look for the Configure Automatic Updates option on the right pane.
  7. Open it and then choose Enabled.
  8. From the Configure automatic updating section, choose Notify for download and notify for install.
  9. Click OK.

Fresh Installing Windows 10 Build 1511

The next solution is the more better one out of the 2, and works even if you don’t disable the updates. This solution basically entails installing a fresh copy of Windows OS. Microsoft released an updated build version of Windows 10 known as Build 1511. After testing the build for several months, it was discovered that the unresponsive task view and search bar issue had been done forever. This update is available for everyone to download. However, it is recommended to do a fresh install rather than simply overwriting the Windows that is already installed in your system.