Error 0x803f7000 in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft’s flagship Windows OS family which has been in the market for more than 20 years. Windows 10 has a lot to offer and users have been simply blown away by the goodies it offers them for personal as well as official computing. Amongst other features, Microsoft also

introduced the Universal Apps along with Windows Store in Windows 10. This particular error known as 0x803f7000 is related to Windows Store. This article will lay out several methods to overcome this error. And we sincerely hope you’ll get your problem addressed. It is better you clean up all the junk from your PC first. Use ST Cleaner from this link:


Error 0x803f7000

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Why Does It Happen?

  1. Corrupted Cache Files in Windows Store
  2. Incorrect Date and Time
  3. Windows is not Genuine or Activated
  4. Microsoft servers are temporarily busy
  5. Unknown issue in the PC



Solution 1: Corrupted Cache Files

  1. Click on start button to open the start menu image01
  2. Search for Command Prompt and open it in administrative mode (Right-click -> Run as administrator)image00
  3. Type WSReset.exe
  4. Press Enter to execute the command.
  5. Restart the computer for the changes to take effects.


Solution 2: Incorrect Date and Time

  1. Locate the Windows Clock in the taskbar and click it.image03
  2. Click on Date and time settings.image02
  3. Turn on both Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.image04
  4. Restart the computer to save the changes.


Solution 3: Windows Isn’t Activated or Genuine

If the Windows 10 on your computer system hasn’t been activated or it’s a pirated one, this error may show up when Windows store is launched. Simply buy Windows 10’s license key from Microsoft or any other place to activate it. When Windows 10 key is available, follow the following steps to activate it.

  1. Open the start menu.image01
  2. Search for Windows Update settings.image06
  3. Open it, locate Activation tab and click it.image05
  4. Click on Change product key or Activate now or Activate to initiate the activation process.image09
  5. Type in the Windows 10 license key in the textbox. Click OK to proceed ahead.image07
  6. Restart the computer to make the changes effective.


Solution 4: Microsoft Servers Aren’t Responding or Experiencing Heavy Traffic

  • Wait for a couple of hours.
  • Flush the DNS through Command Prompt to refresh the IP addresses which point to Microsoft’s certain domains.
  1. Open Command Prompt from the Start menu. Right-click it and select Run as administrator.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter to execute it: Ipconfig/flushdns

image08       3. Restart the Internet connection so the changes can take effect.

  • Restart the Internet Connection to change the IP address. (only works for dynamic IP addresses)
  1. Find the router which is used to connect to the Internet.
  2. Check its back side and find the buttons shown in the following screenshot (their shape and size may depend on the router model and brand but the principles are same)image10
  3. Turn it OFF. Keep it off for a couple of minutes and then turn it ON.
  4. Connect to the Internet.


Solution 5: Diagnose the Problem with Diagnostic App

If none of the previous solutions helped you out, the only way to find the actual issue is to diagnose the whole computer with the Windows Store Apps Diagnostic Tool. Next, use the given error codes or the errors in the Windows support center to find a reliable answer from Microsoft’s website.image11

  1. Download the following app and install it.
  2. Run it in administrative mode and scan the whole computer.
  3. Search for the given error codes/errors on Microsoft’s website to find a solution.