Top VPN Services of 2016 & 2017

VPN, an acronym for Virtual Private Network, is a breakthrough in the world of modern technology which not only

secures a network session, but also guarantees user anonymity.

This technology is very economical for businesses and individuals, enhances the level of security and makes it very difficult for intruders to steal information even while establishing a connection through an unsecured Wi-Fi Hotspot.

VPN is encrypted and is primarily categorised into two types namely:

  1. Site to site VPN
  2. Remote access VPN

Depending on the type of VPN connection you use, it may either use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or IPSec. It is basically a discrete network joined together via VPN client applications installed on the user’s machine or through network credentials provided to the user to login on a unique website.


Do I Really Need a VPN?

You are perhaps wondering “Why would I need a VPN connection if I’m not doing anything illegitimate?” Read on.

  • Protects user privacy
  • Safeguards your digital activities
  • VPN is particularly useful in circumcising any country specific restrictions related to any particular website / event. For instance, TV viewers in the US are forced to buy a cable Internet connection, or wait till the evening to watch any major sports event like Olympics. However, this is not the case in countries like Canada and UK. By using a VPN, you can set your present location to either of those countries and watch live coverage online with higher display quality and better commentary for free
  • There are other occasions when access to certain content is banned in one nation, while it is freely available in others. In such circumstances, VPN can be useful.
  • Data encryption provides for utmost data security, therefore no chances of data snooping whatsoever
  • Prevents your digital activity from being monitored using an encrypted layer
  • Makes the received / sent data extremely difficult to intercept
  • Prevents tracking your IP address each time you visit a website or forum
  • Administrator of the websites you visited will not be to track your geographical, demographic, linguistic and interest-wise information
  • Search engines will not be able to track your traces on the Internet


Using VPN has few disadvantages too. They are as follows:

  • VPN is not free; it costs several bucks to your pocket
  • You might experience a slightly reduced Internet speed
  • While streaming music content online, users sometimes also complain of delayed audio


Top VPN Services


  • The Free plan includes up to 2 GB
  • Supports only Windows and Mac
  • Premium Clans provide unlimited VPN data



  • Includes a free plan with Limited usage (applicable only if you choose from Iceland, Singapore and Netherlands)
  • Free plan provides 2 Mbits/ second (don’t get confused with mbps)  second bandwidth
  • Data transfer is limited in nature for the free plan
  • The free plan supports only one device however all protocols are supported
  • Does not keep record of web history
  • Secures Internet connection while connecting through a public Wi-Fi
  • Hides personal information, IP address and location details
  • Premium plans include unlimited browsing and up to 30 different locations
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Android



  • Supports Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Downloadable apps for Android & iPhone
  • User friendly and intuitive appearance
  • Select preferred country and location from a handy world map
  • Secure IP Bind feature
  • Customizable proxy settings