Rename and Bulk Move Files in OneDrive

Manually renaming OneDrive files can be quite a laborious and tiring task. Things might get worse if you accidentally rename a wrong  file instead of renaming the desired one (in sequence).

Also, performing this task manually can take ages to accomplish along with the possibility of committing a few mistakes during the process, which human beings are quite prone to. A better way to rename files in Onedrive is to use the EASY FILE RENAMER software. It can rename and move files accurately. Download it  here to test its functionality free: 

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Renaming Files with PowerShell

Fortunately, newer Windows (10 / 8.1 / 8) users have an in-house option to deal with this issue. Windows PowerShell performs the task of distinguishing and renaming appropriate files in a flash. All you have to do is to specify the target folder that contains the relevant files and a unique file format. However, Windows PowerShell only supports limited operations as of now. Also, you will need to deal with complex commands as well.

  1. Type Windows PowerShell in the Search Box on the Taskbar.
  2. Open the Windows PowerShell from the Search Results.


Use one of the following commands:

  • ls | Rename-Item -NewName {$_ -replace ‘(\d+) – (.*).docx’, ‘$2 – $1.docx’ }

This command renames 01 – Document.docx to Document – 01.docx.

You can customize and use this command to rename other file types – music (.mp3, .mp4), images (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) PDF (.pdf), webpages (.html) and so on.

  • dir | rename-item -NewName {$ -replace “o”,”p”}

This command replaces the letter “o” with “p” across all file names. Similarly, you can further customize it to replace an underscore symbol ( _ ) with a space etc. You can even replace characters with numbers, and vice versa.


Want more Edge on Renaming Operations? Download Easy File Renamer

Here are some distinct features of Sorcim’s Easy File Renamer:

  • Instant download
  • Cloud support and renaming for Onedrive photos.
  • Lightning fast renaming operation
  • Make complex file names short, friendly and suitable to read
  • Browse and select the folder that contains your files and easily rename them
  • Bulk rename file extensions
  • Change character position
  • Insert character at position X
  • Remove character at position X
  • Delete unsupported symbols
  • Get rid of files named in other languages
  • Easiest way to give unique names to your documents and photo library
  • Add suffix in filenames
  • Add numbering in filenames
  • Add photo resolution in filenames
  • Add photo taken date-time stamps in filenames
  • Add or remove characters from filenames
  • Wide variety of renaming patterns available
  • Search and replace characters from filenames
  • Simply put all files together in one folder and rename them
  • Preview files in a panel before actually renaming them
  • Easy File Renamer handles everything from simple operations to pro-tasks
  • Extremely powerful tool that performs mass renaming of files comprehensively with accurate results


Bulk Moving your OneDrive Files

  1. Log-in to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.

    Microsoft OneDrive User Interface
  2. Move the cursor to the top right corner of the folder icon you’d like to move. Select the checkbox as shown in the following figure:
  3. Click the Move to icon in the standard toolbar.

    Click the Move to button
    Click the Move to button
  4. Select a destination folder in the right side panel.

    Selecting the destination folder
    Selecting the destination folder

That’s it folks! Your folders have now been moved to their target location.