Renaming Files in Google Drive

Creating a new file/ folder on Google Drive means you can assign them a name of your choice.

Later on, you might need to change the name of that particular file or folder. This seems to be a pretty straightforward task, but it can quickly spiral into a tedious task if the number of files is huge in nature. Today we’ll look at how to rename files/ folders in huge quantities through various methods.


Renaming A Single File/ Folder

To change or edit the name of a file or a folder in Google Drive, you need to first launch the Google Drive app by going to in your browser.

Navigate to the file you need to rename. Right-click it to open up the context menu and choose the Rename option. Simply enter in the new name in the dialog box and click OK to save it.


Using the Command Prompt

Command Prompt allows more technically equipped users to change file extensions as and when required. All they need to do is type in the relevant command and execute it.

Click start | All Apps | Windows System | Command Prompt.

Now type in the directory which contains all the data downloaded from Google Drive.

For example:


The remaining procedure is pretty smooth as you will use the ren command to change the file extensions.

For example: ren *.ext1 *.ext6 (This command will change all file extensions from .ext 1 to .ext 6)


Using Windows PowerShell

In this procedure, you will be equipped to with the necessary skill required to change / edit a character in a file name. You can change a letter, a word or a number.

You can locate Windows PowerShell by going to start | All Apps | Windows PowerShell | Windows PowerShell

You can use the following command to rename multiple files:
(Here char represents the original character in filenames and replace_with represents the character that will replace it. It can either be an alphabet or a number)

The following command can be used to change multiple file extensions:


Using Easy File Renamer

Manually renaming a file in Google Drive can be highly tedious as well as an error prone practice. You should use a software solution to perform this task with an extremely high level of accuracy as well as in a swift fashion. Easy File Renamer is one such app that helps rename Google Drive files seamlessly. It can automatically rename Google Drive files, photos, songs, and also add ID3 tags to MP3 files. It will easily rename all files on the cloud without even having to download them to your computer before you can rename them.

  1. Go to Easy File Renamer’s official site and download the setup. Now install it with administrative privileges by selecting the Run as admin option from the context menu. Now follow the process till it’s successful conclusion.
  2. Launch the software and navigate to the Cloud Renamer tab. Click on the Add Files option and you’ll be prompted to log into your Google account. Select an account you want to login with or add another account.

    Click Add Files
    Click Add Files
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you will be prompted to add up Google Drive files. Simply do the needful by selecting the relevant checkbox (for each folder) and then click Add Folder.

    Select the relevant folders and then click Add Folder
    Select the relevant folders and then click Add Folder
  4. Once all the files have been loaded up, you can start renaming them. You need to simply assign the naming rule, enter in specific information (in some cases) and finally click the green Rename button.

    Giving your approval once its all set
    Giving your approval once its all set
  5. Easy File Renamer will begin renaming the files on your Google Drive momentarily. You can view the progress as well as any errors (if any) on the progress bar being shown on the screen

    Renaming operation in progress
    Renaming operation in progress
  6. That’s it, the renamed files will appear in Google Drive very soon.