Rename Adobe Photos and Files in Bulk

Working with Adobe products is an everyday event for people involved in editing videos and photos.

The solutions offered by Adobe products are known to help the users accomplish their tasks with great ease, with the end result being a masterpiece. However, there is a small catch here.

Since the photographs captured are almost always in huge numbers, they need to be organized into a more meaningful form. This means that they must be divided into various categories possibly, but it is a given they must surely be renamed appropriately.


Use Adobe Bridge

Many Adobe users are familiar with an extremely important software package called Adobe Bridge. As a tool meant to organize, browse, and preview all the content that is/ will be used with Adobe products, Adobe Bridge is your first line of defense against disorganization of your media. Thankfully, this product also has a Batch Rename tool integrated within its features. And it is free!

Here is how you go about the batch renaming operation.

  1. Navigate to the folder/ folders that contain all the files you wish to rename and select them by pressing Ctrl + A (Select All) or clicking on each file you wish to select while you’re holding down the Ctrl key.
  2. Go to Tools -> Batch Rename to open the Batch Rename dialogue box.
  3. Select your destination folder.
  4. Enter in how you would like the new filename to be.
  5. Click Rename and watch the magic unfold!

Numbering new files can be tricky so do the following in the New Filename area by clicking the + symbol to define the parameter and then continue through the menu.

  • If you want the number sequence to match what your camera created, select the Metadata parameter and then select Image Unique ID.
  • If you want a new sequence altogether, select Sequence Number as the parameter. Determine the number of digits you want to add to the filename, and the starting number as well.
  • For photos, adding in a parameter for the date can be helpful. Do this by selecting Date as the parameter.

As you keep on adjusting options for the renamer, keep an eye on the Preview area at the bottom of the screen to be certain the finished product ends up how you like it to be.

Note: Be certain not to use any periods in the renaming parameters you set. A much better option would be to use Underscore _ instead.


Use A Bulk Rename Utility

A very handy software program laced with a string of various renaming patterns is the Easy File Renamer. Just like any ordinary file, it can be used to rename Adobe Photos without any additional effort on the user’s part. This software helps rename files as well as folders, as well as providing users with the ability to rename the metadata for MP3 files. Also, there is a dedicated section to rename MP3 files from iTunes. Another unique feature helps users copy/ move GBs of data at a single click.

The feature that can easily beat its peers for the most extraordinary feature is the one that entails renaming data on the cloud. It enables users in renaming their cloud data without having to download any of it to their computer! How cool is that? Currently, this feature is available for Google Drive only with the addition of multiple platforms expected in due course of time.

And the best part is that this software is extremely user-friendly, no matter which section you’re wanting to make use of. All you’ve got to do is select the correct tab,  add up all the files/ folders, select the renaming rule of your choice/ select the location to which you wish to move/ copy them and finally click the green colored Rename/ Move/ Copy (as applicable).
This is all it takes to perform any of the 5 tasks which Easy File Renamer can perform for you swiftly.