Overcome Lagging Fear While Playing F.E.A.R. in Windows 10

F.E.A.R. is the first-person shooter (FPS) game, meaning that the player sees the action on the screen as he or she would in real life.

Players decide which goal is the best to execute and plan a sequence of actions to achieve it. In a real life, fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, the worst hazard because it creates tension, doubts, and even panic. This is not an emotion we associate with F.E.A.R., but I’ll be perhaps the first one to admit I’ve experienced it more times than I can remember. Almost every player faces this over the course of playing this game. Every next player had to overcome this obstacle. Fear comes in many forms including fear of a strong opposing team, fear of losing, not playing your best, getting injured, or fear of success. But I’m talking about another one: a F.E.A.R. that lags in Windows 10. That’s perhaps the worst fear for all professional gamers. Sounds like your situation? Yes, everyone experiences it and constant lagging messes up everything.


Keep the Windows Up-to-date

Manually run Windows update each week. Do not disable Windows automatic update applet. Consult expert gamers. They all agree that after installing Threshold 2 Update FEAR performs much better.


Keep Checking the Graphics Card

Windows driver controls your computer’s graphics card. So you need to make sure you have always the latest driver release for your card. Here’s how:

  • Go to Control PanelDisplayAdjust Resolutions
  • Now click Advanced Settings
  • Found your Graphics Card? Google it up and get the latest driver information


Get Rid of Windows 10 Annoyances

Annoyances? Yes, some third-party programs, such as virus scanners, run in the background. They respond too slowly. Now you have all balls in your own court. Decide which ones are essential. Get rid of the unwanted ones.


And Turn Steam Overlay Off

  • Click SettingsIn-Game
  • Select Enable the Steam Overlay
  • Click OK

Finally, ask yourself: How does lagging in Windows 10 limit your true potential in playing F.E.A.R.? Remember: To accomplish something in life you have to overcome that lagging fear. As far as you’re concerned you want more than anything that puck on your stick in the last minute.