iDoctor for Mac: App Review

A computer system gathers various kind of junk data and malware over the course of time that drastically affects its performance.

It is important to take corrective measures on a regular basis to ensure that your computer stays in top notch condition. This is where a program like iDoctor steps into the scene. As you’ve probably guessed it, this app is designed for Mac computers. iDoctor is a compendium of multiple features that help to keep the computer safe and secure while being very conservative in utilizing its resources.

iDoctor is a Mac optimizer designed by Kovell Ventures Ltd, who are renowned for their excellent customer support system embedded in the iDoctor app.

Let’s analyses iDoctor in some depth to evaluate its features better.



iDoctor comprises of the following utilities to help tune-up your Mac computer:

  1. Quick Cleaning
    This feature helps the users cleanup all the installation caches as well as any log files to retrieve precious storage space.
  2. App Uninstaller
    This feature serves as a one-stop shop for easily uninstalling all kinds of software programs from the Mac. It’s powerful scan ensures not even a trace of the removed program is left behind to maximize the cleanup.
  3. File Restorer
    iDoctor makes use of this feature help the user recover any files that had been mistakenly deleted.
  4. Duplicates Cleaner
    This feature helps delete all kinds of duplicate data that forms in the hard drive overtime and results in inefficient utilization of precious resources.
  5. Login Items
    This feature helps the users choose which programs start automatically upon bootup, thus enabling them speedup the entire process by cutting down on all such items.
  6. Disk Monitor
    This feature provides statistics in a graphical form to the user to be better informed on hard disk utilization and related info.
  7. Software Update
    This feature helps fetch all the latest updates for iDoctor so the user can put them to good use.
  8. Online Support
    Always come in handy should the user have a question in mind or encounter trouble and want to report it. Also, any suggestions or observations can also be routed via this feature.



iDoctor is lightning fast in initializing as well as switching between various tasks. as far as the core functionalities (features) are concerned, there are quite a few variables which determine how quickly the process kicks into action and concludes successfully.

The interface is simple, yet elaborate enough to make matters easier for the user to make their way to the concerned task and make the most of it.



iDoctor has garnered a slew of favorable reviews in a short span of time. Reviews on all widely followed user forums on the Internet are all praiseworthy of the app’s performance as well as its pricing. Turns out, this is one win-win situation for both the publishers as well as the end user. The only downside is the sudden appearance of advertisements that ruin the experience to an extent considering the frequency with which they make an appearance.



iDoctor offers 4 different payment plans, which are monthly, semi-annual, annual and bi-annual in nature. Their mantra while costing the plans has been to charge less for a longer duration plan and vice versa.