The Best File Viewer and Converter for Windows 10

If you are not happy with the current built-in Windows 10 file viewer, then you belong to a sizeable number of dissatisfied users who are searching for an alternative. 

Thanks to the File Viewer Plus 2, you need to look no further.

The main area where the native file viewer in Windows 10 lags is its support for newer file formats. Also, it doesn’t allow users to convert files on the go. File Viewer Plus 2 is a handy alternative which has proven itself adept at the task and those who have tried it out are loving it to no bounds.


File Viewer Plus 2

You will come across many file viewer alternatives in Windows 10 that promise the moon but none of them provides the flexibility that this software offers. Below is a  list of select features that File Viewer Plus 2 offers to the masses.

• Support for Multiple File Formats

One problem that File Explorer affects most users in Windows 10 is that it fails miserably on the front of opening several file formats that are quite popular these days. This problem can be countered by adding various suites to take care of these files. But that fix is both quite a hassle as well as time-consuming. With File Viewer Plus 2, you can easily fix this problem. Instead of downloading multiple programs for various file types, the flexibility to open multiple files in a single file explorer is now available to you.

• Convert Files Easily and Quickly

Another thing missing in Windows 10’s File Explorer is that it cannot convert files. A user might be wanting to, e.g. convert a video file to an audio one (MP4 to MP3), but this simply isn’t possible unless you go for a third-party software. This is another case where File Viewer Plus 2 proves it’s worth.

• Edit Audio and Image Metadata with Ease

One of the fundamental qualities a file viewer much inculcate in itself is to make the life of the user easier. That is exactly what File Viewer Plus 2 does. It not only lets the users view files and folders but also enables them to edit the metadata for audio and pictures. Although this task can be performed via the native file viewer of Windows 10 as well, but that involves a hell lot of time wasting. File Viewer Plus 2 helps accomplish all this with great ease and in a much shorter span of time.

• Inspect Files with Unknown Formats

Another nice feature of this software is that it can inspect the files of unknown formats as well – a facility not many file browsers provide!

Even though File Viewer Plus 2 allows up to 300 formats, sometimes the file format can’t be recognized or is corrupted. Even in that case, it will open the file with whatever broken code is holding that, and will let the user extract as much information as is possible from it.

• Perform Batch Conversion Effortlessly

Another reason why File Viewer Plus 2 is preferred over it’s Windows 10 peer is because it can easily convert files in batches. This isn’t possible right now by any means without installing a third-party software in Windows 10. Therefore, this is another good reason users go for it.


Final Word

There are hundreds of file explorers out there. In the quest for the best one, check if it does actually offer you the features that come with File Viewer Plus 2. If not, then opt for this one right away. It is free and you will get all the features you need to raise the level of your productivity.