How to Remove Duplicate Files in Java?

Java is a programming language that is most widely used for developing Android-based applications.

While it is true that Java became popular because of Android, it was widely used for making Java Server Pages (JSP) for business and management software when none of us knew had even heard about Android. Moreover, Java enthusiasts have been known to write their own codes for Java-based programs for a long time. These programs can range from duplicate file removal utilities to virus removing software programs and other utilities that help boost system speed.

In this article, we will focus on how to remove duplicate files in Java. So let’s jump right into the solutions.


Using the Java Function to Check if the Files are Duplicate

Instead of using the recursive function through Command Prompt, you can also use the Java function to check if the suspect files are duplicates indeed.

This code will search all files in a folder and compare them bit by bit to find if a file is a duplicate. Once a duplicate file is detected, it can be deleted if the ‘fourth’ coding script is run.

You can find the complete code here.


Java-based Android App: Search Duplicate File

If you want to search and delete duplicate files from your Android smartphone, then a Java-based Android app named Search Duplicate File is all that you require. It is a very popular app with a pretty pleasant functionality.

It is especially useful if your SD card is cluttered. The app can perform a smooth cleanup of the unnecessary and duplicate files from the memory card within a flash. You can easily download the app here.
These are just a couple of methods to find duplicate files through Java coding or a Java-based Android app. If you think that we have missed a Java-based software, then please let us know by adding your valued comment below.