Backup Data to the Cloud at a High Speed

Our data on a computer system is what we value the most, whether we use a Windows computer or a Mac.

The importance of data means a xerox copy of it should be saved at such a location where it is safe and secure at all times and can be easily accessed without any issues. The reason why we’re saying this is because even a single virus is enough to wreck havoc with our most valued data (pictures, movies, personal files and so on) within moments after it gains a foothold in a computer.

Back in the old days, people used to save their data on external HDs or DVDs. That method worked well, but there always remains a possibility of the HD/ DVD going bad. If that happens, just imagine the frustration level once you discover your rescue mode has itself gone bad.

That’s where cloud services come in handy.

The cloud service was essentially rolled out for scalability of businesses. Clouds are basically pools of servers scattered at various locations where a user can securely save their data. These cloud servers are equipped with disaster recovery sites so that users can easily recover their data even if the data from one location gets lost. This is a huge reason why cloud storage is proving such a popular choice with business and individuals alike these days.

Cloud services these days have made it extremely easy for users to backup data in large quantities to the cloud, yet another reason behind the big increase in their popularity levels.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cloud services in demand these days.

Popular Cloud Services

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the biggest cloud storage platforms available nowadays. It offers a backup client that can sync documents with the drive for easier backup. All personal and commercial users can download Google Drive and sync their computer with it easily.

Once the user has downloaded and subsequently installed Google Drive, they will notice the Google Drive folder on the desktop. Simply move any data to this folder which you want to be saved on the cloud. The Google Drive icon in the taskbar will keep you abreast of the sync progress.

  • OneDrive

OneDrive, the cloud service offered by Microsoft, comes bundled with Hotmail/ Live email accounts. It processed data with lightning speed and provides a local client through which users can easily sync data (back and forth) to the cloud. OneDrive is available by default in Windows 10. For previous Windows versions as well as Mac, users are required to download and install OneDrive.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox also provides an alternative to cloud fans. It operates in a similar fashion to Google Drive and allows the users to easily download and install its client. Next, the user shall simply move any data to the local Dropbox folder and the data will be synced to the cloud momentarily. The Dropbox icon in the taskbar can be used to keep a track of the overall sync process. However, compared to the former, the storage space offered by Dropbox is a lot on the lesser side.


Cleaning the PC and Registry

Keeping the data backed up is highly essential. However, performing routine maintenance tasks to keep your computer free of any errors is equally critical. For this purpose, make it a habit to carry out Disk Defragmentation, Disk Check (errors), Windows Memory Diagnostic as well as routine sweeping of junk (system, web and multimedia) periodically by using ST Cleaner. These tasks, when performed on a regular basis shall combine to optimise your computer’s performance. And the positive effects of that optimisation will be visible everywhere, including backing up data to the cloud, browsing the web, playing a game and so on.