Speed up Your Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is Mozilla’s latest web browser which challenges to break Google Chrome’s dominance over the Internet browser niche.

Released just a couple of months ago, the superior performance of Quantum has left people awestruck. Quantum is equipped with the latest advancements and these features come together to result in an excellent browsing experience.


However, a particular complaint from the users has been about its speed often falling behind the levels set by other parameters of its performance. The long periods of lean time during page loading often ruins the whole experience. Despite these issues, you can still increase Firefox Quantum’s speed by taking the following measures.


Extend the Content Process Limit

Firefox Quantum employs the multiple process technology which enables the browser to simultaneously use multiple content processes. The default number of content processes in Quantum is set to 4. However, you can manually tweak this number up to 7. To do this, first, go to the Options section and head to the Performance section. Now uncheck the Use recommended performance settings option and select 7 in the Content process limit dropdown menu. However, care should be taken while increasing the Content process limit as it may result in unexpected behavior or Firefox Quantum crashes. If this happens, you should decrease the value until you strike the perfect balance between speed and stability.


Use a better Adblocker

The most common ad blocker used nowadays is AdBlock, however, it does not mean that it’s the best option for all Internet browsers. If speed is what you are struggling with regards to the web browser, then you would be better off using an ad blocker that utilizes the resources in a more efficient manner. These alternatives include ad blockers such as uBlock, that put less strain on the browser and enable it to run faster.


Disable Flash and Add-ons

Most of the websites still depend on Adobe Flash to load videos and other flash based content that includes ads. As a result, the page takes more time to load even if you are not interested in viewing the particular content. Even better, you can change the Flash settings to Click to play. This way you have full control over which Flash content to load and what not to load. You can enable this setting by going to the Plug-ins menu and selecting Ask to Activate from the dropdown menu for Flash.

Also, Add-ons also considerably slow up the page loading process. They take up a significant amount of resources and become an overhead. You can remove any unnecessary Add-ons easily from the Add-ons section in the Add-ons Manager.


Disable Animations

Animations take time to load due to large size and take a toll on the page load time, therefore it is recommended to disable them. Animations can be disabled by searching for the browser.tabs.animate option in the about:config page. This measure proves to be very fruitful in improving the browser speed, however, it comes at the cost of all the smooth animations you come across in your browsing experience.