What is Cloud Cleaner

What’s Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing where you’re (as a user) subscribed to the online services. Services include the storage of your files and cloud application.

Benefits of Storing Files Online

Have you ever stored your files online? Not yet? There are many benefits when you use cloud technology. In fact, this technology gives you something extra: It improves the way you share your documents, files and projects with your co-workers, colleagues, and information. And, it doesn’t stop here. It gives you an easy way to your data from all devices:

  • PCs, laptops or tablets;
  • Androids, iPhones/ Blackberry/ Windows Phones;
  • and so on.


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Clean Web Junk in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, which replaced the Internet Explorer in Windows 10, stores Internet-retrieved information on your computer. Such information varies widely, but it includes: web addresses of websites (you frequently visited), web cookies, cache contents, websites log-in details & passwords, form fill-up data, and so on.

Now the Question is Why I should clean system & web junks?

Over times, this information causes several problems with your PC. And the result is that your Microsoft Edge may run slow, freeze or crash. This all happened just because of corrupted files you stored. What’s more, some webpages might not load properly, or display cached content rather than showing live version of web pages. That’s why you have to clean your system and web junkies. But cleaning these is not so easy. Don’t worry, we’ve found some solutions for you. Read on..


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100% Disk Usage Error Windows 10

Clean Disk using Disk Clean-Up

Use Disk Clean-Up program. Why? It deletes all your temporary files, files extracted by setup program, system cache, and so on. Use the Drive Properties dialog from File Explorer, and then clean-up the items.

Delete Old Backups (.bak files)

Old backup files are always messy. And we’re all unaware of how to get rid of this mess. But we have a solution for you. Go to File Explorer and search for old backup files using “*.bak” in the Search box on top right corner (.bak file extension represents backup files). Delete all backup files. Or you can open the original location of every single file you find and delete them all.


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Permanently Erase Skype Conversations

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services around. Millions of people use it for online meetings, instant messaging and video calls. Most importantly, it’s compatible with both mobile platform and laptops.

Erasing chat histories is not enough. You need to eliminate web, system and Skype junk using an efficient system cleaner. One such utility you can rely on is the ST Cleaner, the download of which is protected by the Verisign digital certificate. Click on the button below to start downloading it:

Remove Skype Junk Files

Changing Duration of Chat History

Your Skype conversation includes your chat history, logs of outgoing/incoming Internet calls, files sent/received from contacts and voice messages. Skype stores this on the cloud — the Skype servers. It does so on your hard disk as well, depending how the Skype is configured. However, it restricts you to save your history only for just one month. And then it automatically deletes it. That’s sad. Now what you have to change duration of chat history?

Open the Skype Options dialog box by selecting Tools | Options (or press Ctrl +). Now you’ll have these options:

  • Choose forever;
  • No history;
  • 2 weeks;
  • 1 month; and
  • 3 months option

Change it the way you want. Save your changes and exit.


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Windows AppData Cleaner

Using File Explorer

Type in “%AppData%” in the Run dialog box or the Search Box of your Start Screen, and then click OK. It should open “Roaming” folder. Go back to the “AppData” folder, and then navigate to “Local\Temp” sub folders.

Using Windows Cleaner 

You can clean appdata junk files using the ST Cleaner software for Windows 10, Windows 8/7 and previous versions. It will not only delete Windows, web and software junk but it will also boost system speed. It is protected by the Verisign digital certificate. Download it here:

Appdata junk

Delete Windows.OLD Folder

When you upgrade your PC from an earlier version to Windows 10, it stores your previous installation files and program files into a new folder called Windows.OLD located at the root of the system drive. Most of these files won’t be useful. First review the folder contents and then delete the files, sub folders.

  • C:\Windows.OLD\


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